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Debco Construction has many projects in Idaho, Washington and Montana. Some of the projects below are ongoing and some have been completed.

Debco Construction

Teaming up to improve the transportation

 and utility infrastructure of the Pacific Northwest



Joslin Field Magic Valley Reg Airport 2707
Runway 12/30 Rehabilitation and Taxiway Reconstruction Project, Joslin Field, Magic Valley Regional Airport, Twin Falls, Idaho. Project consisted of, but not limited to, base course, unclassified excavation, bituminous surface course, obliteration of existing pavement and painting.
Joslin Field Apron & Access, Twin Falls, Idaho Job 2508
Pullman Airport, Pullman, Washington Job #2412
Joslin Field Magic Valley Regional Airport - Job #2413
Lewiston Airport, Lewiston, Idaho - Job# 201207
City of Lewiston Airport Runways we were Sub Contractor to Poe Asphalt Paving.
Orofino Municipal Airport - Job #201210
Airport Pavement Rehabilitation, Access Road Reconstruction & Apron Construction.
Lewiston - NezPerce Airport - Job#201408
Rehabilitate Runway 8/26 & Construct Runway 8/26 Blast Pads. We were Sub-Contractor for Poe Asphalt Paving.
NH Passing Lane, MP 53, Lewis County - Job #2607
Work includes major widening and construction of west-bound passing lanes approximately 1.1 miles long on US 12 in the vicinity of Greer. Work includes paving, pipe culverts, storm sewers, guardrail, seeding, riprap with MSE walls being the major portion of the work. Work performed on Nez Perce Tribal Controlled Lands.
Gilbert Grade Resurfacing - Job #2614
Resurfacing Gilbert Grade (SH7) MP 36.783 to MP 48.870 with 0.5' of base material
Clean Slate Road Rehabilitation, Salmon River Ranger Districte - Job #2615
The project consists of approximately 10 miles of road maintenance and stabilization along Road #354 on the Salmon River Ranger District. Work includes road reconditioning, culvert replacements including one stream simulation culvert, shoulder stabilization, aggregate surfacing plaement, vegetative stream bank stabilization, road drainage improvements, and MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) wall construction.
Kline Mountain Road Rehabilitation Job #2616
The work consists of reconstructing 1.9 miles of existing road in the South Form of the Salmon River drainage near Warm Lake. Specific work includes: roadside clearing; road reconditioning; replacement and installation of new culverts; survey design, and installation of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls; erosion control using straw bales and straw wattles; and furnishing and placing surface course aggregate.
Sportsman's Campground - East Montana - Job #2610
Grade, gravel, plant mix surfacing and two structures on the Sportsman's Campground-East project in Deer Lodge and SIlberbow Counties. The 9.9 kilometer project is located west of the community of Wisdom between RP 51.5 and RP 57.6. Additional fencing and approach work is necessary to the east of the end station-to-station 118+07.49.
Boydstun Street, McCall, Idaho Project 2703
Realignment and reconstruction of .80 mile of Boydstun Street including new 12" dia. waterline, retaining walls, asphalt paving.
Duck Valley Res to Sheep Creek Road - Job 2708
The purpose of this rehabilitation project is to resurface 8.50 miles of SH51 beginning at MP 11.41 and ending at MP 19.89. All existing guardrail between mileposts 11.41 and 19.89 will be replaced with new guardrail.
Pagari to Old US-93, Lincoln & Blaine County, Idaho Job 2710
This project will consist of placing a 0.125' overlay on the roadway. Wedge Milling to provide a smooth transition between old and new pavement.
Albion Hill Idaho - Job #2414
Reconstruction of SH77 from MP 18.883 to MP 23.009 Albion Hill, Idaho
Gooding, Idaho SH-46/US26 Rehabilitation - Job #2617
Snake River Road, Asotin Co., Washington - Job #2515
Reconstructing the road including obliteration & realignment of old gravel surfaced roadway including realignment, drainage, signing, and guardrails
Junction SH7 Orofino, Clearwater County, Idaho
Widening US 12 between MP 43.295 and MP 44.15 for additional through lane and turn lanes including a soldier pile retaining wall, curb and gutter and illumination: Junction SH 7 Orofino, Clearwater County, Idaho
US 95 Moscow Mountain Passing Lane, Latah Co., Idaho - Job 2907
Construction of adding a passing lane on a portion of US Hwy 95 near the old Moscow Mountain Rest Area. Existing pipes extended or replaced, utility adjustment
SH 11 Top of Pierce Pass to Pierce, Idaho
The primary purpose is to widen approximately 3.458 miles and overlay approximately 0.652 miles of State Highway 11 from milepost 25.256 to milepost 29.370.
SMA 7072 Washington Street, Twin Falls, Idaho
The project consists of widening and reconstruction of 1.3 miles of Washington Street North from approximately Wirsching Avenue to Pole Line Road.
Warren Wagon Road, Payette National Forest, Idaho 2010
Project is set to improve and widen five segments of the existing road along a 2.1 mile section starting at the end of the paved portion of the road. Each road segment will be widened by 10 to 12 feet. Gravel will also be placed along the entire 2.1 mile section of road and the existing concrete barriers will be repositioned along the outer road shoulder.
Ten Mile Bridge, Asotin, Washington
Dent Bridge Road, MP 1 - Job #201415
Emergency Landslide on Dent Bridge Road MP 1.
Emergency Repairs, Idaho County - Job# 201105
Idaho County Flood Damage Repairs .
Dent Bridge Road Slide Repairs MP 13 - Job# 201305
MP 13 Repair & regrading the slide area and rebuild the road. Replaced weak slide debris with granular fill.
Palouse River Road / Job# 201306
Constructing a curve realignment at MP 16.2 and applying a micro-surfacing (scratch course) and seal coat from MP 13.96 to MP 16.50.
Trail Creek Bridge to Pinehurst Road - Job# 201406
Roadway embank instability, retaining wall instability and repair failed pavement.
SH-62, Little Canyon Creek Bridge - Job# 201407
Removed existing culvert and head walls, installed new open bottom pipe arch and MSE retaining walls.
TRANSPORTATION - Federal Highways Administration
Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway Job #2510
Realignment, drainage, paving, signing
Cascade-Warm Lake Road - Job #2704
Soft spot repair, cold recycled asphalt, super pave, Cascade Warm Lake Road, Boise National Forest, Valley County, Idaho
Salmon River Road, Riggins, Idaho - Job #2713
Stabilizing failing sections of road and side slopes lengthening turnouts, increasing sight distances, providing more consistent width, improving drainage facilities; Paving - installing guardrails, striping and signs.
Cascade Warm Lake Road, Idaho Job 2806
This project repairs and rehabilitates the Cascade Warm Lake Road between milepost MP 2.85 and MP 27.6.
OREGON Forest Service Road 39 Emergency Repairs
Emergency road repairs to FSR-39, Wallowa-Whitman NationalForest, Baker County, Oregon. Repairs due to flood damage at 10 locations. The road is part of the Hell's Canyon Scenic Loop Highway and has a major impact on tourish traffic. The Debco Project includes the installation of over 50,000 cubic yards of road sections.
North Fork Teton River Road, Phase 2, Lewis and Clark National Forest, Teton County, Montana
Job #201208 . .482 miles grading, drainage, base, paving and other small items of work. 5 miles North of Choteau Montana.
Ketchum-Challis Highway, Stanley, Idaho Job#201209
The work consists of slope scaling, rock scaling, blast scaling, removing loose or detached blocks of rock from cut slopes and natural rock outcrops. The rock scaling work includes cleanup and hauling of scaled material and accumulated ditch debris to a designated disposal site.
Salmon River Road Connection/Extension, Riggins, Idaho
Rimini Road Helena, Montana Job #201502
8 Miles West of Helena, Montana. This work consists of widening the existing road, reconstructing sub grade, base and surface. Replaces three existing bridges and relocating segments of the existing creek flowing adjacent to the road. 6.259 miles
Milner Loop Road - Job # 201416
Asphalt paving, aggregate surfacing, roadway reconditioning, drainage, signage, kiosk construction, concrete curbing,
Grangemont Road Road Improvements - Job# 201405
Clearing,grubbing,excavation and embankment.
North Lake Recreational Sewer & Water District, Donnelly, Idaho Job #2612
The work involves construction of the effluent disposal system portion of a new mechanical wastewater treatment facility. Work includes construction, at a remote site, of rapid infiltration basin, yard piping, valves, precast concrete vaults plus the transmission pipe from the new mechanical wastewater treatment plant to the RI basin site.
City of Buhl, Broadway Revitalization Phase 2 - Job 2613
Broadway Reconstruction Project Phase 2, US 30, Buhl Idaho
Port of Wilma Wastewater Improvements - Job 2604
Port of Wilma Wastewater Facilities Improvements, Port of Wilma, Washington
US Forest Service Building Grangeville, Idaho Job 2618
Site work and underground utilities for new building located SE of Grangeville Airport between Airport Road and Truck Route.
Potlatch Water System Improvement
Water system improvements project For City of Potlatch, Idaho
Kamiah Water Intake Replacement - Job # 201414
Raw Water & River Crossing piping and new water intake. the City's water needs for the City of Kamiah, Idaho.
Pete King Creek, Legendary Bear, Powell, Idaho - Job 2306
Replace existing multi-plate pipe with pre-cast concrete bridge
Buckhorn Bridge Emergency Repairs - Job# 201308
Emergency Repairs to Buckhorn Bridge in Idaho County (near Golden Id.)
Clear Creek Drainage Sites PW#33, #64, #85, #89
Installation of 32' deep - 16' x 7' multi-plate arch pipe, dewatering system, gabion wall, culverts, misc. excavation and asphalt paving
BIG BUCK ROAD, Idaho County Sites 9 and 11
This job consisted of the emergency replacement of 2 culverts on Big Buck Creek as it flows along Battle Ridge Road. In addition, embankment repair, excavation, dewatering and rip rap installation was included in the description of work performed.
Elliot Road Culvert Replacement Job #201506
Elliot Road intersection improvements. Removal of the existing culvert followed by the construction of a new structure over Deadman Creek on a new alignment. New structure is a precast reinforced concrete three sided structure supported by cast in place footings and walls at each end. Excavation, shoring or extra excavation, structure surveying, roadway surveying, steel reinforced bar. Spokane County , Washington
Argonne Road Stormwater Retrofit Job# 201503
Retrofit Project that adds storm water improvements to Argonne Road from the Argonne Bridge over the Spokane River to Upper Drive.
Hoskins Gypsum, Longdale, Oklahoma -Job# 201206
Excavation / Removal of Overburden at Mine
WSU Parking Lot Job#201508
Excavation, CMU Block Walls, Curbs, Sidewalks, Electrical,Landscaping & Paving.
Belmont Road TrailHead Job #201505
Clearing & grubbing, roadway excavation, Culvert, Excavation embankment, crushed base course.
WSU Stadium Way - Job# 201412
Excavation, Landscape & removal of earth.
Other / Misc.

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